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Smoking Cessation

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Stub that cigarette out!

To help in these difficult times I am offering my Positive Expectations Smoking Cessation recording directly through my website
at only 7.50

 Stopping smoking therapy is about changing your habits and beliefs as well as utilising hypnotherapy and I cannot make you do anything you don't want to so you need to have made the choice to stop smoking; however have you ever wondered why it was so difficult to stop even when using NRT - that 'addictive drug' that makes you 'need to smoke' - even though a single piece of gum (4mg) contains more than 10 times the amount of inhaled nicotine from a single cigarette? Have you ever wondered why NRT products say 'Willpower Required' at 10 times the dose of Nicotine from a cigarette?

Smoking is purely a habit, and a very successful one too, of the Subconscious Mind reminding you, sometimes uncomfortably so, to smoke a fag - because it is something you do. When you make a conscious decision to stop smoking your Subconscious doesn't know this, nor does it know why you have made the change and carries on behaving like a smoker - well, reminding you to smoke because that is what you do as far as it is concerned!

Stopping smoking in South Hampshire, it is purely a habit

 I am not just a hypnotherapist but also I have been awarded a Diploma in Smoking Cessation Therapy by the College of Integrate Therapies. Which is validated by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council as being above the entry standard required to become a member of the Central Register of Stop Smoking Therapists.

Please see my separate website for further details.

Most people successfully achieve stopping, if they really want to stop using a gentle approach of website learning and a hypnosis recording, to help unlearn old beliefs and accept the new truths in their Subconscious Mind.

If your Subconscious Mind thinks you are still a smoker and reminds you to smoke  how can you behave like an ex-smoker and not smoke?

 To buy my Positive Expectations Smoking Cessation recording directly through my website click on this link:-
25 minutes of effective smoking cessation therapy to use as often as you need for only 7.50!



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