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Perception and Hypnosis

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'What the Thinker thinks, the Prover proves.'

Is known as Orr's Law and is fundamental in how an individual's own perception plays a key role in determining their behaviour and beliefs. As Dr. Leonard Orr noted, the human mind behaves as if it were divided into two parts, the Thinker and the Prover.

Through hypnotherapy both the thinking can be changed and therefore what the Prover expects to prove.

Are these lines straight or curved

The vertical lines above are straight, not curved!

The primary benefits that hypnotherapy can give an individual are to help change, reframe, the perception of what has happened/ is happening/ might happen and, very importantly, shift the nervous system to working in a more relaxed rather than anxious state. 

What we perceive as being factual memories, and our expectations of the future, are tinted with our own linked memories, beliefs and expectations.  It is in being able to break free from these constraints that clinical hypnosis, through a hypnotherapist's interventions, can deliver the benefits of change; as I quoted from Dr Michael Yapko earlier - "Experience is negotiable, not fixed"

Perception is the key to making sense of our model of the world we live in, our expectations and experiences of anxiety, discomfort, pain and fear are all perceptions and in many cases self-fulfilling prophecies created by ourselves through past experiences or learned behaviour.

Positive change is based in being experiential. These changes are therefore learned experiences and make greater sense to our thinking, therefore changing habits and beliefs; as learned experiences they have a far longer term and more profound effect than suggestion alone.

Sports performance is an area of great interest to myself and it is quite astounding the improvements individuals - at whatever level - can achieve within a few sessions; whether it is 'tweaking' a golf-swing or returning from serious injury and regaining self-confidence.

Every client is an individual and is treated as an individual; interventions are tailored to their own needs and issues. If an individual experiences something as being different/better in hypnosis then that perceived experience is approximately 90% as strong and 'real' as if the suggested/experienced situation had actually taken place.

Does hypnosis exist?

Does it actually cause different parts of our brain to be activated than a placebo effect (i.e. the effect of expectation)?

The answer, according to recent research, is yes, as can be seen in this extract from the BBC programme Alternative Therapies with Professor Kathy Sykes...



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