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Dental and Needle Phobias, Fear of Flying

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This is from an email from a Texan client that lived in Turkey, reproduced here with his consent, who was having rather a lot of teeth out and implants put in:  " Hey Duncan, Your MP3's worked like a charm, and without a hitch!!! Normally, "The Electric Chair" and "The Dentist's Chair" are interchangeable, and I am absolutely petrified. Prior to your MP3's my heartbeat was over 168 beats per minute. I listened to your MP3's; applied them, and never have I been more relaxed and comfortable in The Dentist's Chair. I felt absolutely no pain. Your MP3's are awesome from over 2,000 miles away, and you must be incredible in person!!! I have another appointment tomorrow, and still more to follow. I will listen to your MP3's before each visit. Thanks Duncan, you really do Rock!!! Joe" (JKR - Texas & Turkey)

Most people don't like going to the dentist or having injections - but for some people simply thinking about making an appointment let alone opening the door to the building the surgery is in or going into the waiting room is enough to induce a phobic response or even a full blown panic attack. Normally this is due to a bad or painful experience (or series of experiences) in the past or learned behaviour from parents etc.

Dental and needle phobias are what are known as process phobias (the fears of flying and driving are also in this category); a process phobia is a fear of not a single event or thing but a specific series of events or stimuli.


During the process occurring, or even thinking about doing the process to be undertaken, the fear response is triggered many times each time heightening the level of discomfort - in many people this causes a
phobic response.

Effectively the anxiety, discomfort and pain are a self-fulfilling prophecy that is heightened in our own perception and is related to Orr's Law of 'What the Thinker thinks, the Prover proves' that is to say because we think a certain process will be uncomfortable, fearful etc - then to maintain the version of the 'Truth' we accept and believe to be true - the process will be uncomfortable, as uncomfortable as our mind can possibly make it...

There are advanced hypnotherapeutic techniques, I have been taught at the Advanced Practitioner level, that are highly effective in treating the underlying phobic responses and reducing the level of stimulus to one which allows the individual to experience a level of comfort and ease that prevents you feeling fear or inappropriate discomfort. - Simply put if you have a positive experience of comfort and ease you cannot experience the sensation of fear at the same time - fact!

I have been specifically trained in the treatment of 'Process Phobias' to be able to remove the underlying feelings, and learned behaviours, caused by the phobic response whilst resolving the phobic triggers. This even enables me to be able to work with individuals in an anxious state such as just before undergoing dental surgery.

Just 1-2 sessions of 90 minutes is all that is usually required to be free from a debilitating phobia that can affect your health as significantly as a dental phobia.


Hypnotherapy is not only useful in reducing/removing phobic responses, but can also be utilised with dental work in further providing comfort and ease to the patient by the use of glove anaesthesia or dissociative techniques to complement the local anaesthetic for root canal work etc - to give a greater feeling of comfort and confidence in having no discomfort.

I am situated in Curbridge which is convenient for Botley and Whiteley and being at the Heart of South Hampshire less than half an hour from both Southampton and Portsmouth I also practice in Weybridge, Surrey. For an appointment please call Duncan  on 01489 787312 or email via the enquiry form.






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