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PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

Midway between Southampton, Portsmouth and Winchester

PTSD is a very quickly learned response to a perceived life-threatening trauma, although it can take several weeks or months to fully develop.

The mind only has to consider the event to have been very serious or life threatening for PTSD to be a likely outcome, the trauma can be a single one or a build up of several different events, depending on the individual, how conditioned they are to potential situations and what circumstances they found themselves in. PTSD is in no way a reflection on an individual's courage or strength - simply put it is the mind being unable to cope in that fraction of a second.



Typically an individual with PTSD will relive the experience when exposed to certain triggers, will have vivid dreams about the incident, develop depression and be unable to cope with many day-to-day activities, often suffering from panic attacks etc. PTSD can have lifelong effects. Happily it also can have its symptoms significantly reduced/lifted in a surprisingly short period of therapeutic sessions.

I was trained to use both Accelerated Information Reprocessing and Desensitisation as well as an approach that is known as the 'Rewind Technique'.

In the latter of these techniques the client is taken to a safe place in their mind, a safe comfortable place and re-experiences, from a safe dissociated perspective, what happened :- forwards from being safe beforehand - to being again safe afterwards, all experienced as a film being watched/experienced in black and white; and then backwards in colour (with the watcher actually in the film) to the beginning and repeated several times until there is no emotional response to the originating event.

This process might sound slightly strange, but it allows the mind to reprocess everything that happened from a safe distance, dissociated from any perceived danger or pain, as if it had happened to another person, as if they weren't personally involved.

It's very effective as a treatment with sufferers from PTSD for 16 years having shown extremely significant gains in just one session with most immediate symptoms reducing.

Many therapists like to utilise techniques that regress the individual to the actual incident(s) and make them relive them again - as if they were actually there and they were happening again at that moment in time - i.e. "revivification". This I personally consider to be unhelpful for somebody with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. If the mind could not cope with it the first time I cannot see how "actually reliving" it will help, even if a client could relax enough to enter hypnosis knowing what was about to happen to them 'again'.

I am situated in Curbridge which is convenient for Botley and Whiteley and being at the Heart of South Hampshire less than half an hour from both Southampton and Portsmouth I also practice in Weybridge, Surrey. For an appointment please call Duncan  on 01489 787312 or email via the enquiry form.




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